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Gerard (Roddy) Frey

Who is Roddy Frey?

"If your name is Gerard, why are you called Roddy?"

Ah, it's a question I'm often asked, and the explanation is simple. Roddy is an old Irish nickname for Gerard, given to me by my maternal grandmother; who, as it happens, was old and Irish herself.

Born in Brooklyn NY, I showed a talent for drawing at an early age; filling any and every blank sheet of paper I came across with wild drawings of spacemen and aliens, dinosaurs and cavemen, jets, rockets, spaceships and anything else that came into my fertile little imagination.

After receiving a BA in Fine Arts, I was lucky enough to find my niche early, and have happily spent my time in the related worlds of graphic design and digital prepress.

I am a visual problem solver, and I have designed a wide range of print pieces from simple letterheads, business cards and envelopes for local businesses, to art catalogs, small posters, and direct mail pieces for national campaigns.

Photo manipulation using Photoshop